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June 29, 2012

Adil & Vasundhara give the lowdown on their tour of Malaysia and Singapore

So, you are back in India now, what?
Yes, back to the grind, the heat and sweat that we adore.
We will be travelling to Mumbai in a couple of weeks to sit with the mixing of our album, Ampersand’.

Where did you head out to during the days that you went missing from Delhi?
We were playing in Malaysia and Singapore at some really fun venues. We had the pleasure of jamming with some fabulous musicians in Singapore too. We had a super rhythm section with us– Pranoy Praveen on Drums and Jayant Manchanda on Bass. The audience, the vibe, the food… everything was stunning.

What were some of the places that you played?
Well we were supposed to play at The Backyard in Kuala Lumpur but we missed our connecting flight from Chennai to KL as our first flight was two hours late. So we couldn’t make it for the gig. But we did play at the SassoRosso in Kuala Lumpur. We played a predominantly RnB , Funk and Neo-Soul set in addition to some of our own songs. We had a fantastic engineer and clearly the best audience EVER! What more can one ask for?
In Singapore, we played at BluJaz Cafe and at the Crazy Elephant in Clarke Quay. Those are places known for their music and you find people coming there knowing fully well what to expect. A fair number of musicians turned up for our show too and we jammed on a couple of songs as well.

What was the kind of response you received from audiences there?
We were flattered that our music was received so well. In fact we are going back again once all the album work is done.
We had a VERY eclectic audience, from writers and students and tourists to Ministers! Singapore has a mix of many ethnicities and our audience reflected that.
A fair number of musicians were present and a big bunch of Indian people turned up too!!!  They knew what we were talking about when we mentioned Indian trains….We even heard a man mimic “Chai! Chai!” from across the hall. Some of our songs dealt with what it is like to be doing music in India and those songs did communicate with those who are doing music there as well. It was intimate, familiar and displaced at the same time!
We are very happy that we got to play at venues known specifically for the music they showcase.  It was a very informed audience. We went back to watch other bands play at the Crazy Elephant too and jammed again. We’ve fallen in love with some of the musicians there.

How do audiences there compare to the kind of audiences here in India?
I think music lovers are the same, the world over. They make the effort to come for a show and expect to hear what they expect to hear. The band owes them its best possible performance. Every show has got to be played like it is the last.
We felt the same kind of support outside that we get at home. Besides, playing in front of musicians is always an honour, be it at home or abroad.
We love the conviviality and bonding that musicians in Singapore have. It was fabulous interacting, performing and jamming in such a positive atmosphere. We felt totally at home.

Logistically, how does a tour work out over there? What we mean is how is it touring in those areas as compared to mounting up a tour in India?
The stakes, of course, are a lot higher as those inviting us need to look after international travel, accommodation etc. To do that, they need to be convinced that, after all that investment, the band will be able to make an impact and get in the right crowd. We worked together and thankfully things turned out right.
Every time we have travelled abroad, we have found angels. People have been gracious and giving and loving and encouraging. Our biggest thanks go out to Jeri Byrom, Veena Raghupathy and Sanjay Rao who literally took care of us like family. Anne Weerapass and Kelvin Ng…two fantastic musicians and now our dear friends made our shows and stay in Singapore very special.

What is next on the anvil for Adil & Vasundhara?
The immediate plan is to mix and take ‘Ampersand’ on the road. We are also beginning to write some new material. A couple of surprise things will be released with the album as well. A few new musical collaborations are also being discussed.

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