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August 31, 2012

Barefaced Liar – ‘Free Radical’

In the process of their natural progression, Delhi rockers Barefaced Liar have broadened the horizons of their sound incorporating an atmospheric vibe as a thoroughly engaging counterpoint to their bared-knuckle riffage. None of which makes its way onto this track. A proverbial rewinding of the clock to the time when BFL regarded pedal-to-the-metal as the only worthwhile state of mind when composing, ‘Free Radical’, starts out with a corker of a guitar riff that multiplies in intensity as a churning locomotive rhythm kicks in.

Bolstered by a crystal clear production and a chorus that sticks in your head like adhesive tape, ‘Free Radical’, is a full-on celebration of loud, guitar-driven rock underscored by a solo, which went into hibernation around the early Nineties. The song eases itself a bit after the solo and then perhaps realising that it isn’t as much fun as a full-on six-string shred-fest, rears up again and climaxes in a squalling frenzy.

Bodes well for the new album BFL are currently working on.

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