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August 22, 2012

Barefaced Liar gear up for their tribute to the Beatles at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hyderabad

Delhi rockers Barefaced Liar will wing their way to Hyderabad tomorrow (August 23) where they will pay their respects to the Fab Four. “We will be taking in all the key points in the Beatles’ fabulous musical journey from the early days of ‘Please Please Me’ and ‘With The Beatles’ to the latter day era of the ‘Abbey Road and ‘Let It Be’ albums”, says singer/guitar player Akshay Chowdhry.
Barefaced Liar are also tremendously excited about the fact that their self-titled debut album is now going to be digitally available across the world through . “I think it is a great medium for independent bands to reach out their fans anywhere in the world”, says Chowdhry. “There were a number of options that we considered before we decided to work with because they have a team with a proven track record and they are very dedicated in promoting the artists they work with”.
‘Barefaced Liar’ was released in early 2011 and the band enlisted the services of knob-twiddler extraordinaire Zorran Mendonsa before going in for a digital release. “It sounds a lot warmer now”, says Akshay, “especially at loud volume, which is great. We will also be bundling in our new single, ‘ToeThe Line’, for everyone who buys ‘Barefaced Liar’ online”.

Grab an earload of Barefaced Liar here:

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