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August 24, 2012

Infestdead Records to release the new album by UK metallers Savage in India

Unholy Maunder, an Indian metal portal has announced the launch of its record label, Infestdead Records, which will release ‘Sons Of Malice’, the 2012 album by UK heavy metal act Savage. The Mansfield based band forged an alliance in 1976 when bassist Dave Menegaux, vocalist and guitarist Kevin Osborn, guitarist Mark Clese and drummer Gregg “Slammer” Hammer came together with the express intent of creating music that was fast and furious. They however, disbanded after a mere nine months before getting back together in 1980.
Savage forged a sound that bordered on speed and thrash metal which went on to become quite an influence on a number of bands including Metallica. ‘Sons Of Malice’ breaks an 11 year hiatus and Savage are pretty chuffed about the fact that the album will be available in India because they hope to come and play gigs here in the near future.
‘Sons Of Malice’ has a playing time of 58 minutes and is expected to be made available in the Indian market towards the middle of September.

Get loose and lethal with Savage here: 

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