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July 24, 2012

Parikrama look to pack their gig at the Hard Rock Cafe, Delhi, with a series of punches

They wear the mantle of being one of India’s hardest working road warriors so it stands to reason that when Parikrama take the stage at the Hard Rock Cafe this Thursday (26th July), it’s going to be packed with enough twists and turns to keep their fans wanting for more. “There are two factors that make this gig at HRC, Delhi, very special,” says Subir Malik, keyboard player and de facto guru of the band. “One is that we will be unveiling the campaign that Parikrama have worked with for PETA. We have had a long association with PETA but this is the first time that we have worked with them on a full-fledged campaign featuring the band.”
Parikrama have given PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), full rights to use their images, logo and music in any which way that the organisation wants to spread the message for ethical treatment of animals. “We firmly believe in the cause and we will do whatever it takes to partner PETA in all their endeavours,” says Malik.
The other factor that promises to keep the evening high on excitement will be a tribute to the dearly departed Jon Lord of Deep Purple. “As you know, I started my musical journey as a bassist,” says Subir. “I switched over to the keyboards only when I heard Jon Lord play his utterly amazing Hammond organ solos.” Therefore, the Parikrama man will play a 5-minute Hammond organ solo in memory of his idol. “It’s just my gesture of respect,” he says. “The world of music has lost a formidable talent.”

Hear Subir’s keyboard on ‘Till I’m No One Again, one of Parikrama’s earliest compositions here: 

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