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August 8, 2012

Susmit Sen hits the road in support of his solo album ‘Depths Of The Ocean’

Speaking to NME India a month ago (July 6) about his solo album, ‘Depths Of The Ocean’, Indian Ocean guitar player Susmit Sen had stated, “We will be heading out for a tour of Hard Rock Cafes in five cities this August”. That tour begins tomorrow (August 9) at the Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai.
Sen, whose distinctive guitar style is one of the key pillars of the Indian Ocean sound began work on some tracks on his solo album, long before Indian Ocean (the band, not the water body) was formed. “There are songs on Depths Of The Ocean that pre-date the formation of Indian Ocean”, he says. “The title track, for instance, is a tune I composed way back in the 80s long before I formed Indian Ocean in 1990. Somehow, the track never worked in the context of Indian Ocean and the Susmit Sen Ensemble is a place where I get the opportunity to record and play those songs.”
The Susmit Sen Ensemble that the guitar player refers to comprises, in addition to Sen, of course, Amit Sharma (vocals); Anirban Ghosh (bass); Gyan Singh (tabla); Nikhil Vasudevan (percussion) and Rajeev Raja (flute).
The tour schedule for the ‘Depths Of The Ocean’ tour looks like this:

9th Aug Mumbai
10th Aug Pune
16th Aug Hyderabad
17th Aug Bangalore
23rd Aug Delhi

Get a sample of ‘Depths Of The Ocean’ here: 

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