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July 17, 2012

The Hard Rock Café announces a series of tribute evenings this Thursday

This Thursday (19th July) promises to be big on tip-of-the-hats to some of the leading lights of rock ‘n’ roll as the Hard Rock Café organises tribute evenings at its outlets across the country.Delhi will find musicians from some of the biggest bands in the national Capital jamming it up as they acknowledge the inspirational influence that the Red Hot Chili Peppers have had on their lives and music. Accordingly, Prithwish Dev, vocalist for Them Clones will find himself in the company of Aman Singh, drummer for Advaita, who in turn will have Carl Abraham from Half Step Down on bass duties. There is a huge line-up of musicians scheduled to play at this gig and it promises to be awfully exciting.  

Pune meanwhile, will witness The Echoes (the reference to Pink Floyd’s epic mélange of instrumental improvisation a clue to their Seventies roots) playing out a set of Led Zeppelin covers. The Echoes were formed in 2005, allegedly the end result of an animated discussion over a table liberally dotted with beers and have, since then, recorded and released their debut album, Stitched. The band are regulars on the Mumbai-Pune live circuit and have made a name for themselves for their quality performances.

Hear The Echoes here: 

The Seattle sound gets its nod at Hyderabad with Swastika revving it up for a salute to PearlJam.The band were known as Illuminati in an earlier incarnation and morphed into Swastika only in 2010. They categorise their music as alternative, hard rock and experimental and have been working on their original compositions these days.

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