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August 29, 2012

Them Clones announce the line-up for their 12th birthday bash at Turquoise Cottage

Delhi rockers Them Clones who completed 12 years of rocking and rolling earlier this month have announced the line-up for their birthday gig. The concert will get underway this Friday, August 31 at Turquoise Cottage, Gurgaon and it will feature Root Murphy, the Peter Cat Recording Co and veterans Parikrama. “The gig is under the banner of the Clonefest Series and the whole intent is that we put bands that we really like on that bill”, says Clones drummer Surojit Dev. “We are huge Parikrama fans and it has almost become like a mutual admiration society over the years. So, we requested Parikrama if they could play that night and to our delight, they agreed”.

It will be a slightly altered line-up that takes the stage this Friday because Joseph, the Clones’ regular guitar player, suddenly took ill after the gig was announced and therefore, it will be formidable six-gunner Adil Manuel of Adil & Vasundhara who will guest with the band for this particular gig. Given the fact that there have been quite a few musicians who have been an integral part of Them Clones in their 12 year journey, would the band be inviting all of them to be a part of the birthday bash? “We wish we could but most of them are in different parts of the world at the moment and it would take the longest time to get them at one place at the same time”, says Surojit.

“We will also premiere the video for our song ‘Zephyretta’”, reveals Dev. “It was the biggest surprise for us because it has been done by Ayan Das who really loves the band and loves the song. He did the complete video for the track and we have just made some very minor tweaks to it”.

Revealing the basic plot of the video, the band state, “Zephyretta is a song about the loss of love, it’s a lamentation in memory  for the one that got away, carried off by the wind. The video will represent a man’s thoughts, represented in the form of a black ball. Why a black ball? By taking such a basic shape, we leave the viewers free to attribute any feeling or emotion to it. This black ball will go across various scenes, both real and imaginary, representing the final scrambled thoughts of the guy. In the end, it will reach the one that got away, who will brush it off as a bad memory”.

Catch the trailer for ‘Zephyretta’ here: 

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