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July 20, 2012

Them Clones announce the third gig in the Clonefest Soundcheck Series

After two immensely successful concerts in the build-up series leading up to the Clonefest this year, Delhi rockers Them Clones have announced a third build-up gig which gets underway at Cafe Morrison this Sunday (22nd July). “There have been an incredible number of younger bands who have been calling us and they want to be a part of the Soundcheck series,” says Clones drummer Surojit Dev. “So we will be announcing more build-up gigs for August very soon and the Clonefest itself will happen sometime in September.”
Scheduled to unveil his side project, Crazy Weather at this gig, is Them Clones guitar player Gucci Singh. “We will be playing a forty minute set,” says Gucci. “It’s a trio with Arpan G on bass and vocals, Daniel Rajan on drums and I will be handling guitar and vocals.” Also stepping onto the live stage after a bit of a hiatus will be Emperor Minge, who will be pulling out all the stops for this one. “Well, outwardly, it would seem as if we had been away for a while but we have been practising,” says Stefan Kaye of Emperor Minge. “We will play a short set but it will be more extreme – more rocking and groovy than you have seen us before.”
Catch the Emperor Minge live experience here:

Sidharth Talwar, one of the owners of Cafe Morrison is extremely excited about the Soundcheck gig. “I was part of the initial Clonefest,” he says. “It’s great to see so many talented, extremely gifted bands play under one umbrella. It’s a terrific feeling.”

The line-up at the Soundcheck gig at Cafe Morrison is:
Crazy Weather
Grammy Winning Effort
The Circus
Five 8
Emperor Minge
Them Clones

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