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August 3, 2012

Them Clones complete 12 years of rocking and rolling

Delhi rockers Them Clones have achieved a major milestone this month. The band has completed 12 years in the business and there is a lot they have to show for the dozen years they have been stomping the boards across the country and beyond it as well.
“I still remember when we met each other for the first time,” recalls Clones guitar player Gucci. “I had just joined my college DCAC in July 2000 and Dev (Them Clones drummer) lived barely a kilometre away from there. One day, Abeer, our first guitar player and Romit (founding bassist) landed up at my college and we went to Dev’s house where he had his black drumkit setup ready for practice. The first song we jammed on was ‘Alive’ by Pearl Jam”.
Them Clones have come a long way since those early days. One of the most popular bands on the scene right now, the Clones combine the experience of veterans with the zest of a young band looking to make a mark, which makes them a compelling proposition.
“There have been a lot of highpoints in these years,” says drummer Surojit Dev. “It feels great that we have completed 12 years and that there is so much that we still want to do.” In the years that they have been together, Them Clones made huge splashes at the Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards, winning the Best Band award and going to Nashville; lifting the winner’s trophy at the Channel [V] Launchpad; releasing their album, ‘Love.Hate.Heroes’ and emerging as one of the most loved bands in the country.
“All the years fade away the moment you lock into a groove in the jam room”, says Gucci. “That’s when you feel, this is it. This is why we do this.”

Lend an ear to the Clones here:

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